Monday, October 3, 2022

Boat on Trailer!

Sunday afternoon we moved the boat to the trailer! What a milestone! One of the last ones except of course the launch!

I had to put the carpet on the plank, but that wasn't too big a deal. 

We weren't able to move it until after the evening church service, so we did it in the dark. Here she it:

Today I spent seven hours (that's right - 7 HOURS!) working on the trailer bunks and supports. What a grueling task. It took 3 hours to do the back two bunks. After lunch I worked on the front ones and never got them done. I'm up to plan "D". Will try that tomorrow. I think it will work. I did manage to get a forward support installed. Trying to do this on the cheap so I used what I had. I thought that would be easy but everything I did was wrong! Ugh! Finally got it together, but the the roller doesn't role. I may try to loosen up the blocks of wood so that it will. The blocks are too close together. Another layer of plywood between the blocks and the tongue should fix that. 

We'll see how these work. They really done have to carry any weight. They just keep the boat upright. The aft ones are between the aft bulkhead and first floor timber so it should be fairly strong. The second ones are right at the midship frame so they too should be sturdy. The adjustments to the plank seem to be about right. I think I have a good bit of contact from the skeg up to the daggerboard slot. I think I'm going to be ok. I'll certainly give the arrangement a test drive before any serious travel. 

I need to install the winch post and winch and then the jack stand, then I'll be finished the trailer for a while (I hope). 


Sunday, October 2, 2022

Trailer & Boat Prep

I'm hoping to put the boat on the trailer tomorrow (Sunday). Today I spent the afternoon/evening doing final prep work for that move. 

First, I went about getting some measurements on the shape of the boats bottom. It is not going to sit flat on the trailer plank. I wanted to see where the pressure points would be and if I could spread the load around. I wound up making two wedges to take up what would be "air space" if not filled. Hopefully these will give the bottom more direct contact with the plank on the trailer. They taper from about 1/2" to 0" for one and from 11/16" to 1/8" for the other. I had hoped to get a little more done but ran out of daylight.

I also felt like I needed to get the aluminum runners on the bottom of the boat. Once it's on the trailer that would be tough. I'd like to keep those sacrificial wooden strips from getting scraped up and eventually rotting. Hoping this will help.  A lot of people use brass but that's mucho mulla! There are four pieces.

I've picked up some indoor/outdoor carpet. It shouldn't take but a few minutes to cut it and tack it to the trailer plank tomorrow before we put the boat on it. I don't have the bunks done, but that can come on Monday. I'll also have to jockey my boats and trailers around before moving the boat. 

Friday, September 30, 2022

Trailer Refit

Of course, I bought a used trailer early last year - shortly after I began the build. It's time to fit out the trailer to my boat. 

I've pondered the best way to do it. After much thought and looking at some other trailers (though there really isn't much out there to be seen) I've come up with a plan. 

It took two evenings to take off the old fittings and strip the trailer down to its frame. Here's a box full of the old stuff. Most of the old bolts broke. I borrowed a grinder with cutting blade from a fellow church member to cut some of the stuff off especially the roller which had frozen to the sleeves.

My plan is to put a plank down the middle of the trailer for the boat to rest upon and use some of the old hardware to add bunks. The cross members of the frame have holes drilled all over them. They had used those to attach rollers. I decided to bolt 2x4's to them to give me something to bolt the plank to. Here's the first one. I notched it because this cross member is higher than the rest. The forward part of the plank will end here.

Here all of the short 2x4 pieces are bolted into place and the plank is lying across them. I have drilled the holes to countersind the lag bolts so that they will not sit above the level of the plank. 

Here is the plank bolted into place.

Here is the last cross member. There was a gap at the rear of the trailer no doubt for an outboard which I will not have.

I notched it as well.

Here's a closeup of the countersunk lag bolts.

Today I spent several hours looking for square u-bolts. It took me four stores to find them. Tomorrow I plan to rough-in the bunk supports and winch. Final fitting will have to wait until the boat is on the trailer. 


Friday, September 23, 2022

Exterior Painting

I moved my boat outside planning on spraying the exterior. Before I started I needed to finish up the drain plug hole. I started the hole on the inside. I waited to finish cutting it because I didn't want to damage the exterior fiberglass by pushing the hole saw through it. So I finished cutting the hole and filled the hole with slightly thickened epoxy. I put a block of wood under the hole and jammed a piece of wood up against it to hold it in place. I also put a bowl over the top to keep the top side from getting messed up by the tarp which I threw over it for the night.

I'll be drilling a hole through the epoxy soon to install the plug. The epoxy will keep any water from seeping into the edges of the plywood. 

Because I was going to spray the exterior, I needed to cover the rest of the boat to prevent overspray from getting on anything - in this case rubrail, gunnel and even the inside brightwork. Then I tipped the boat up so that I could paint the keel plank and garboards in a near vertical position.

Unfortunately, I could not get the sprayer going. For one thing, my compressor kept throwing the breaker. After about 3-4 times I gave up. I wound up roll and tipping the exterior. 

I also threw the Kroil to the trailer. I hoping to use most of the fitting for the "refit". First I have to break loose the nuts on all the fittings. I think I have a plan.

Today I painted the cove stripe. Again I had to cover the entire boat to protect from overspray. In the pic everything is covered except the sheer plank. 

Here is the plank painted. I used Krylon Regal Blue. It took four cans and about a dozen light coats. I did not want any runs, drips or errors (so said Johnny Bench). I did have two runs early on but figured out that I needed to turn loose of the trigger when I changed directions. Went fine after that. 

Then end result looks really nice. The surface is still rough from the epoxy coating, but I'll have to live with it. In the long run, I don't think it will matter. I'll still enjoy the boat, and it will still draw the looks. 

Monday, September 19, 2022

Where Did My Boat Go?

We moved the boat out into the yard last night. Getting ready to finish the exterior painting. Exciting days!

Interior Painting Done

After 25+ hours of painting and sanding I'm finished with painting the interior of the boat. (I may sand the seats and tops and spray them later but we'll see). 

This was a back breaking job. Bending over to paint the bottom of the boat and under the seats really wore on me. The hard to reach places didn't get a lot of paint: I'll tell you that. The bottom which will take the most abuse got 5 coats: 3 primer and 2 finish coats. 

This is the hole I'm cutting for the drain plug. I'll finish it when the boat is turned over. 

Thursday, September 15, 2022

Priming Done!

I basically finished the priming yesterday morning. Today I lightly sanded the primer coats, taped some of the edges and reinserted the removable floor boards and covered them with plastic.

I wasn't going to use tape. I usually just do edging freehand, but I have some long lines and want it to be as smooth as possible. I'll use the tape just for the first finish coat. On the second coat I'll not try to paint exactly up to the edge. 

I got a head ache and nausea painting under the seats the other day. And I still need to paint the bottom of the seats. I figured I can lay on the floor boards and do it a little easier. The plastic will save them from any drips, which would be impossible to get off should I drip or spill. I'll remove the floor boards once I do under the seats and finish the floor itself. 

I did some more work on the posts. I decided that I'll let the lower end of the mast hang from the front of the boat rather than the rear. My big boat does it this way. It makes sense seeing that the big end goes into the mast step. This meant that I had to change the height of the post because the aft seat and the front flotation tank are not the same height. I cut 6" off the taller one to make it the shorter one. Wasn't too difficult. The band saw did the trick. 

In the morning I'll be ready to go straight to painting. Should be able to do the second coat quickly on Saturday.

Oh, yeah. I primed the daggerboard also.

I'm hoping to move the boat into the yard on Sunday so that I can finish painting the exterior. I also need to locate the mizzen mast step.